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A Winter Wedding In Chicago

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Thinking About Planning a winter wedding in chilly Chicago?

Here are some photos from the  winter wedding of Amy and William Vant February 20, 2010.  Amy and William and their wedding party were super fun and it shows in these photos. Many couples choose not to have their wedding in winter months because they want beautiful outdoor photographs. If you are willing to take the plunge and have a winter wedding, you can still get amazing outdoor photos. The chilly Chicago air will make this outdoor winter photo session something brides and grooms as well as their bridal parties will be sure to remember forever. It makes for an exhillerating experience and fun, artistic wedding pictures.  This just goes to show, you can get great pix even in the snow! The cold will only last a few minutes, but the photos and memories will last a lifetime!

Congratulations Amy and William! You guys were so fun to work with…

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