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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you don’t see your question on here, please feel free to email us at: or call us at 1-866-922-3961.

Are you still available for my date?
Please check here to see if we are still available for your date. You can also call us at 1-866-922-3961 if you prefer.
Why are your prices so low? Is there a catch?
No, there is absolutely no catch. When we started Jolie Images, we started it with the premise that beautiful photography should not cost an arm and a leg. Many other studios out there show low sale prices and offers- but when you get more information, you find out that there is a catch to those prices and we know just how frustrating that can be.

Our straightforward prices that we show you upfront give you unparalleled products and services for your money. We are able to charge these low prices because we are our own professional photo lab. Our studio is located in our lab and therefore our printing costs and our rent costs are so low that we can pass those savings directly on to you. We are a family based business (consisting of a mother and her daughters) and we do not work on commission so that saves you on costs also (as well as the hassle of dealing with persistent salespeople ;-).

Who are the Jolie Images photographers?
As a professional photo lab, we have serviced almost every great professional photographer in the area. We saw all of their work as we printed for them and got to know them as we corresponded with them. We handpicked the very best of them to photograph for us. We chose the ones that were true artists… the ones who had wonderful personalities, a passion for photography, amazing camera technical skills and great attitudes. We are very close with our photographers and have a great relationship with all of them. We know every single one of them both personally and professionally. We consider them our family and we love every single one of them… and we know you will too!
Do you have a payment plan?
We know that weddings are expensive and even with our low prices, money might be hard to come up with right away. We offer low deposits and flexible payment plans that work for you.
What style of photography will be used?
Our photographers are experienced and talented in blending the 3 major wedding photography styles: Traditional/Classic, Contemporary/Artsy, and Photojournalistic/Candid. All too often when a bride and groom select only one style, they regret it years later. From experience, we know that our complete combination makes for timeless memories… This is why:

You will have all your important traditional posed shots with your bridal party and family, as well as lightly posed artistic photos and candid photojournalistic photos that capture the emotions and feel of your special day. Years later, you will not regret just having chosen one style.

* If you tend to lean more towards one style in particular, we will be sure to accommodate if you let us know.

I am far from your studio location in Wheeling, can you travel to my area?
We do travel a lot to places that are far from us. A nominal travel fee may apply. Please contact us to find out if there is a travel charge and what it would be.
I am far from your studio location in Wheeling, do I have to come in to book?
Absolutely not! We realize that most of our brides and groom are super busy at this time in their lives. We do phone consultations for most of our brides and grooms. Phone consultations take about 10 minutes. We find out a little bit more about your event and answer any questions that you may have. As long as you have 10 minutes and a computer with internet access nearby, we can show you everything that you need to know. If you are a late nighter, don’t worry we are also. We can do the phone consultation at a time that is convenient for you. If after the phone consultation you still would like to come in, you are always welcome! If you are interested in scheduling a phone consultation, just email us OR just give us a call at 1-866-922-3961. We can probably give you a phone consult right on the spot if you wish!
What is the difference between your VIP album package and your Diamond album package?
Both Packages are album packages. Besides the extra bonuses that come with the VIP, the only difference is the design level. (Both packages include top-of the line, leatherette, library bound albums, they are flush heat mounted and NOT peel and stick!)

The Diamond album design level is more basic. You choose the photos and we give you layouts to work with. You then choose the layout and submit it to one of our designers who will then put it together for you. We will then send you the design to approve before it goes to be printed and bound.

The VIP album design is custom designed by one of our talented album designers. You choose the photos, and then our artist will create a custom layout for you. The VIP design level includes custom backgrounds , special effects and color selective photos (partially color and partially). You will get to see the design to approve it before it goes to be printed and bound.

If you are unsure what album package you want, you can always get the Diamond and then upgrade for the difference after the wedding if you like.

Do we get to choose the photos that we want in our wedding album and proof it?
Yes of course you choose the photos! After the wedding, you choose your favorite photos that you want in your album, and then fill out our online designer survey with questions pertaining to your album. From then, one of our talented album designers creates a beautiful album layout. When it is finished, you will get an email with the login information to your album pages so that you can approve it before it goes to be printed and bound.
Do you use peel and stick albums?
No way! We are anti peel and stick albums here. Both the VIP and Diamond album packages include top-of the line, leatherette, library bound albums. The real photographic prints are flush heat mounted directly onto the page which is the longer lasting, more professional looking alternative to peel and stick albums.
What are the customized photo cards that are included in all of the packages?
Customized photo cards are wallet sized cards that have your online photo gallery login information on it. Guests can take them home and know how to access your password protected wedding photo gallery online. The photo that you choose should be one of your favorites and you just email it to us at least a week before your wedding. Once we get it, one of our designers will create a custom and artistic card. We can match these cards to your wedding colors and/or theme if you let us know what that will be. You can set these out at the table settings, at the guest-sign in table, or the photographer can just pass them out as he photographs people.
Do you offer engagement photography?
Of course! For more information see our engagement photography page
Should I tip my wedding photographer?
This is completely up to you and is not required; however our photographers will graciously accept tips. If you feel that they did an exceptional job, please feel free to tip the photographer in an amount that is comfortable to you.
Should I provide a meal for my photographer?
Photographers are people too, and they get hungry during a long shooting day. They will need to eat so that they don’t pass out or lose energy. Photographing a wedding requires a lot of energy! If a meal is not provided, they will have to take a few minutes to go out and get something nearby. If you provide a meal, our photographers will be very appreciative and eat quickly and get back to work. Most halls have a special inexpensive meal for your wedding team if money is an issue.
I only need photography services for less than 4 hours, can I get a discount?
Depending on how busy your wedding date is, we may be able to work out a special shorter package for you. Just let us know what package you are interested in and we can get you a quote.