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Videography Pricing

Jolie Images gives you beautiful, quality video coverage of your wedding at an affordable price.

Combining the talent of skilled videographers with the art of editing, your customized video will tell a story that is exciting, original and timeless – Memories that will be treasured for generations…

All packages included edited,professional quality, beautiful video coverage on custom made dvds. Many other options are available. Please contact us for further information.


  • The entire ceremony will be filmed by one of our professionally trained cinematographers. A broadcast quality 3-chip camera will be used to film all of the events that take place during the ceremony. From the bridal party processional to the emotional vows that you will be sharing with your fiancé, the ceremony will be captured with stunning detail. We will place a wireless lapel microphone on the groom just before the ceremony begins, where necessary. This allows both of your voices to be clearly heard during such important moments as the exchange of vows.
  • After the rings are exchanged and first kisses made, your cinematographer will continue your post ceremony events by capturing formal portraits of family members and friends at the ceremony site, where available.
  • Reception coverage will begin with introductions. Your cinematographer will continue coverage of the evening for up to 4 hours.
  • All of the day’s coverage will then be professionally lightly edited.
  • Your edited video is backed up 3 different ways in our editing studio.
  • Your choice of 1 DVD (SD), 1 BluRay (HD), or Digital Download (HD & recommended).

Deluxe ( our most popular package )

  • Everything in the basic package plus:
  • Pre-ceremony coverage will be filmed by your cinematographer at the ceremony site. This will include establishing shots of the church. Details of the day and guest arrival is also filmed. Our editors will then edit this beautiful pre-ceremony footage to music of your choice.
  • Cocktail hour coverage will also be filmed by your cinematographer at the reception. Like the pre ceremony coverage, we will film details of the room along with guest arrival. This segment will be edited to music of your choice.
  • Your cinematographer’s coverage will last up to 5 hours in the deluxe package.
  • Your choice of 2 DVD (SD), 2 BluRay (HD), or Digital Download (HD & recommended).

Ultimate ( editors recommendation )

  • Everything in the Deluxe Package plus:
  • 2 cameras. Your ceremony will be filmed with 2 cameras allowing for multiple camera angles that will be incorporated in the final video. This will give an even more polished ‘movie style’ feel and is a fantastic addition to your wedding video.
  • Archival footage on BluRay disc.
  • Your choice of 3 DVD (SD), 3 BluRay (HD), or Digital Download (HD & recommended).

You can customize the Ultimate Package by choosing one of the following:

  • Photo montage A fun look back at your childhood. We will incorporate up to 25 of your childhood photographs using special effects and transitions and will be set to music of your choice. This service will start out your wedding video.
  • Honeymoon pictures Re-live the memories of your honeymoon forever with up to 25 photographs from your first trip together as husband and wife. The photos will be set to music you choose. This service will be placed at the end of your video.
  • Highlight recaps seen on our website, this is an emotional look back at your wedding day. This service showcases all of the important moments that happened throughout your day and will be edited to your choice of music. A great way to show your friends a beautiful recap of the day’s events. This recap will be placed at the end of your video. You will also receive a bonus weblink to view and share your highlights.
  • Personalized credits End your video just like a movie by showcasing the names of the special people that took part in your day. We will set this section to a song of your choice.

Video Extras

  • Baby photo montage ( up to 20 pictures )$175
  • Brides morning coverage $250
  • Pictures in the park coverage $250
  • Highlight recap $250
  • Personalized credits $175
  • Honeymoon picture montage (up to 20 pictures) $175
  • 2nd unmanned camera at ceremony $375
  • Edited BluRay disc $100
  • Edited DVD disc $100
  • Archival footage on BluRay disc $200

Wedding Highlights Sample Video

This is just a short one song clip with wedding highlights. Typical wedding videos last usually an hour to an hour and a half depending on the package you choose and other factors. Click here to view more samples on our YouTube Channel. For a more complete video sample, please visit our studio or call us at 866-922-3961

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